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Effective IT helps major enterprises with IT Consultancy on challenges for which they need (extra) expertise or skills.

We prefer using the Agile methodology to provide Software Architecture, Technical Design and Implementation of your business needs. We are always striving to find the best solutions for the requirements. We focus on quality and aim for the win-win rather than the quick win.

Sven Maes, owner of Effective IT, has a high degree of familiarity with Clojure and the broader JVM ecosystem. He is also an expert in the effective use of Java. He has mentored many early and mid-career engineers on the theory and practice of building robust systems. He has built and led multiple teams responsible for the implementation of new distributed services.

Sven is available for engagements where he can help with the design, implementation or improvement of distributed systems and services. A curriculum vitae and references are available upon request. A resume and some endorsements can be found on LinkedIn.

The Internet has a lot to offer for modern business ventures. eBusiness enables companies to work more closely and efficiently with business partners. Business-to-business (B2B) software integration solutions allow electronic data exchange between businesses or enterprises. eCommerce consists of the buying and selling of products or services over the Internet.

Custom software can reduce costs and increase time efficiency by automating business processes. An architecture transition is happening for modern web applications.

Client side:

HTML5 browsers and powerful mobile platforms (Android/iOS) bring new capabilities to the client side of applications.

Server side:

Cloud computing is a term for technologies that provide software (SaaS), platform (PaaS) and infrastructure (IaaS) services that do not require end-user knowledge of the installation and configuration of the system that delivers the services.