Dream big. Work hard. Stay humble.

Founded in 2015, Effective IT is a Belgium-based IT Solution provider, dedicated to helping companies survive and thrive in a digital world. We do this by means of advanced IT solutions, strategic thinking and a hands-on approach.

We are a customer-driven and result-oriented flexible organization with a proven track-record of delivering effective, complex and reliable software solutions. We want to be a trusted advisor when it comes to aligning corporate business goals with IT solutions that deliver value. A combination of years of experience and extensive know-how makes us a 100% reliable business partner.

Sven Maes, owner of Effective IT, is a pragmatic who is passionate about technology, learning new things and helping others to work better and more effectively. He is an expert in the effective use of Java. He also has a high degree of familiarity with Clojure and the broader JVM ecosystem. He has mentored many early and mid-career engineers on the theory and practice of building robust systems. He has built and led multiple teams responsible for the implementation of new distributed services.

We are available for engagements where we can help with the design, implementation or improvement of distributed systems and services. A curriculum vitae and references are available upon request. A resume and some endorsements can be found on LinkedIn.